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Life is a series of choices.

We wish to help you make your choices.


Through apparel, T.C.Y aims to collaborate with artists, artworks, companies, and people around the world.


T.C.Y is an apparel brand for which Mitsuhiro Higuchi serves as Creative Director.


T.C.Y is not about going from Japan to overseas, but about walking with the world.

Art Director Creative Director Designer Photographer Videographer​

Higuchi's creative activities are centered in Europe, and he has exhibited in France, Italy, Spain, and London.


The brand encompasses all genres from design to photography and video.


He has been involved in creative projects for Ne-yo, Ebizo Ichikawa, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Nogizaka46, and others.

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T.C.Y Management Company

A Japanese company with a wide range of capabilities to meet your needs, from planning and development to product creation and execution.

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